Diploma in International Hospitality

Diploma In International Hospitality And Travel Management

Course Overview

Students who specialize in the 12-month tourism and hospitality management are equipped to work in the top industries in the world, including the travel industry, luxury day spas, restaurants, boutique hotels, and resorts. All of these industries require top-notch management. The Diploma in International Hospitality and Travel Management provides them with a competitive advantage in mirroring their career aspirations. The tourism-focused culture in India allows students to build business networks and pursue a career in hospitality management. The curriculum exposes students to various employment options as well as the professional experience required to succeed in the tourism and hospitality industries.

Any student who has passed a 10+2 examination approved by the Government of India is eligible for this course. The course covers relevant hospitality syllabuses like Travel-agency management, Tour planning, Convention and event planning, Travel industry, Travel Documents, Hotel products and services and Hospitality management.

Why Study for a Diploma in International Hospitality and Travel Management?

The Diploma in International Hospitality and Travel Management provides a solid foundation in hospitality fundamentals. Leadership, innovation, services marketing, event management, and financial/performance management are some of the subjects addressed.

The course encompasses activities like tourist resort planning, food service management, ecology, environment, tourism, intercultural communication, and so on. Students can comprehend the significance of global tourism and acquire the necessary skills.

Aspirants in hotel/hospitality management must have strong communication skills and a charismatic personality. As a result of globalisation, the hotel management industry is expanding at a rapid pace. Every year, a significant number of hospitality-related jobs are added to the economy. These positions are available not only from Indian companies but also from international hotel chains. Thus, Hospitality Management is a rewarding career path. Similarly, the tourism industry is expanding at a rapid pace. Thus, knowledge of the industry opens the door to better career opportunities.

Above all, tourism and hospitality are inextricably linked. Pursuing a course that provides a better understanding of both sectors is thus an excellent strategy for establishing oneself in the dynamic tourism and hospitality industry.

Career Prospects

A student comprehends knowledge and skills in quality service and operations management, tourism management, tourism entrepreneurship and innovation management, international hospitality business, financial management, tourism and hospitality marketing, sociology of tourism, event planning and management, sustainable tourism development, strategic planning and management in tourism and hospitality business and decision making skills with a diploma in tourism and hospitality. A student can employ these skills to find a job in both the private and government sectors.

After completing the course, students can find jobs in hotel restaurants, retail transportation, travel agencies, destination management companies, leisure, recreation and sports cultural industries.


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