Advanced Diploma In Travel And Tourism

Advanced Diploma In Travel And Tourism

Course Overview

An Advanced Diploma in Travel and Tourism is a six-month programme that teaches specific business concepts while offering a comprehensive adventure of in-depth insight to thrive in the international tourism industry. This course is accessible to students who have accomplished their 10+2 examinations.

The course provides a comprehensive knowledge of travel trade, travel agency operation, tour operation, travel documents, itinerary development, the organisational structure of a travel agency, aviation, airfares and ticketing, airport handling, and a brief of topics like foreign exchange, passport and so on.

A student can acquire highly sophisticated competence to comprehend the Travel-Tourism Industry and expertise in it. This course provides you with a pearl of comprehensive wisdom as it addresses the entire travel domain, like understanding the airline fare concept and holiday package management. You’ll also learn about the administration and operations of a travel agency. Along with business communication, professional skills provide an added benefit for significant excellence in the industry.

Tour Operators, Travel Analysts, Management Trainees, Travel Consultants, Travel Agents, and Travel Sales Consultants are a few of the many jobs for graduates with a Diploma In Travel And Tourism.

Why is a diploma in travel and tourism relevant?

The Travel and Tourism Diploma curriculum emphasizes the skills, knowledge, and leadership qualities required to be a successful tourism professional. Travel and tourism include activities that demand leisure, comfort and business travel commodities like airlines, hotels, hire car companies, tour operators, travel agencies, cruise lines, restaurants, railways, coaches, amusement parks and more. This course covers the fundamental legal framework, history, business metrics, aviation management, and tourism business.

Students who complete a diploma in Travel and Tourism can pursue a higher degree to acquire additional skills and advance their employability. The diploma course can serve as a springboard for development while pursuing higher education in their desired field. Students can pursue courses like B.Com Travel and Tourism, and MBA Travel and Tourism for further knowledge and expertise in this field.

Career Prospects

A certification in Travel and Tourism is a thrilling and thought-provoking subject. Students can perceive the meaning and significance of the curriculum as it guarantees tremendous job opportunities across all domains. As a result, the scope of employment for a Diploma in Travel and Tourism graduate is constantly expanding and captivating.

Graduates of this course will have a diverse range of job opportunities. Students can pursue a wide range of job designations in their careers because the courses available to them are so diverse.

The course is tailored to people who have an intense desire for a travel lifestyle. It promotes major tourist destinations and enlightens about the travel and tourism industry.

After completing this diploma course, students can work as Tour Operators, Associates & Analysts, Management Trainees, Travel Consultants, Freelancer Travel Consultants, Travel Executives, Travel Sales Consultants and so on. The annual salary of a graduate ranges from 5 LPA to 8.5 LPA.


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