PG Diploma In Hospital Administration

PG Diploma In Hospital Administration Management

Course Overview

Hospital administration is the process by which skilled professionals assist in organising and overseeing the daily operations of a healthcare facility. Their responsibilities include supervising the staff and the overall operations of a health institution. Hospital administrators are responsible for planning, scheduling, human resource management, staffing, public relations, and accounting in the medical sector.

A postgraduate diploma in hospital and health management is a one-year diploma programme in management and health sciences. The course covers the techniques and managerial aspects of volunteering in the hospital and healthcare industries.

A Bachelor’s degree in Hospital management, hospital administration, or any relevant field is necessitated to obtain a PG diploma in hospital and healthcare management.

A student can seek a job as a medicinal services chief, healthcare management executive, assistant professor, internal corporate officer, or in other designations after completing the course.  The average salary of a Postgraduate diploma in hospital and health management graduate will range between INR 5 LPA and INR 15 LPA.

The Relevance of the Course

In today’s world, the healthcare industry has risen to prominence as one of the most significant sectors. Health care and hospitals are expanding with the passage of time, as is the need for adequate organisational and management skills to manage an ever-expanding industry. Every day, the demand is soaring. This degree is applicable in a variety of hospitals and healthcare units that mandates management competencies to maintain a high level of quality in all domains. A postgraduate diploma in hospital and health management focuses on the various management skills required in health care and hospital management. The course is designed to prepare students for administrative and consultative roles in the medical field.

Future Scope and Career Prospects

In the present scenario, there is a significant growing need within the Hospital and Health care sector for management, planning and coordination. With the comprehensive expansion of medical sectors, these domains now necessitate the establishment of an administrative department for management, organisation, coordination, planning, staffing, and health services. After completing the Postgraduate Diploma in Hospital and Healthcare Management, candidates can apply for careers in a variety of disciplines, including the pharmaceutical industry, the government sector, doctor’s offices, and counselling firms within the wellness sector. They can work as medicinal service chiefs, doctor’s facility executives, Pharmaceutical ventures, hospital planning advisors, quality assurance executives, healthcare management executives, and so on. They are eligible to apply for positions such as Assistant and Associate Professor. They can also perform as an internal corporate analyst, a health care provider, or chief nursing officer. The average salary for a Hospital and Healthcare administration diploma graduate ranges from 5 LPA to 12 LPA.


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