Objectives and Guiding Principles

Objectives & Guiding Principles


1. Organization
Maintain a very strong Aviation and Logistics Community Centre that is based on an innovative, effective, stable and adaptable system of risk management and sound business principles to ensure that we meet our objectives.
2. Service
To confirm excellent services in the delivery of Aviation and Logistics Education, including professional and recreational trainings that is supported by high quality, modern and advanced equipment and facilities.
3. Community
Give back to the community by providing jobs, educational opportunities, environmentally responsible initiatives, emergency response centre, social & charity support, special events which in turn stimulates the local economy

Guiding Principles​

The following set of guiding principles will help us to reach our vision, to build and nurture the culture that is the Six Sigma Institute of Aviation and Logistics.

An inclusive workplace of equal opportunity, where everyone feels valued, appreciated and knows that their presence makes a difference in the success of the Six Sigma Institute of Aviation and Logistics.
An atmosphere where staffs and students respect, support and encourage each other and value each others unique contributions. A culture that is friendly and that which balances professionalism and service with fun and the adventure. A supervision model based on mentoring, inspiring, teamwork, trust, commitment, support, open communication, shared feedback and transparency as we invite discipline and order.

Awareness that every board and staff member plays a significant role in the shaping and development of our students, members and associates to be successful. We will strive for continuous quality improvement in the product and services that we provide so that we will be the best in the industry.
An understanding that involvement can help prepare members and staff to be personally and professionally successful, life long learners, good citizens, leaders and knowledgeable members of an increasingly global, multicultural society.


Six Sigma is one of the finest institutes in Palakkad offering Diploma and Degree Programs in industry oriented training and skill developments in the emerging sectors like Aviation, Logistics, Hospitality, Travel and Tourism.

It's not our work life, it's our life's work



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