Travel Agency and Tour Operation

Travel Agency and Tour Operation Business

Course Overview

The Travel Agency and Tour Operation business is a one-month course. It is accessible to students who have completed their 10th. It is a professional course rather than an academic one. 

Over 200 million people worldwide work in the travel and tourism industry. Our travel agency and tourism operation business training is designed to provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to advance your career in this rapidly expanding industry. The course syllabus includes management and operational techniques required to run a travel agency business efficiently. The syllabus covers travel trade, travel documents, tour operation, travel agency, itinerary development, travel agency organisational structure, and marketing the product.

With this course, the career prospects range from entry-level travel agent basics to senior management for agencies or tour operations.

Why pursue a course in Travel Agency and Tour Operation Business?

Usually, being a travel agent doesn’t require high academic degrees but just an unbeatable passion to explore the world and great skill in coordinating trips effectively.

Travel is an exciting and diverse industry for service-oriented professionals who desire to work independently or for a broad range of companies. The tourism and travel sector is one of the world’s fastest-growing. As long as there are new places to explore, there will always be tourists on the move. In addition to being among the largest and most remunerative industries in the world, the tourism and travel industry is also one that is growing exponentially.


Tour and travel management work includes collaborating, coordinating, planning, supervising, and organising. With the expansion of the travel and tourism industry in India, which now accounts for the majority of the nation’s foreign exchange earnings, an academic program qualifies one for a successful and fulfilling career.

A travel agent can expect to earn reasonable capital while accomplishing his dream of exploring the world. Whether to launch a destination management business of their own or to work as a travel agent in a reputable travel agency, the remuneration will be higher. From schools to colleges to even family and business trips are now being coordinated by reputable destination management companies omniscient in the field of tourism. Hence the opportunities in the tourism sector are higher.

Career Prospects

Graduates of travel agency and tour operation business courses have a plethora of possibilities in a tourism destination country like India. You can start a Travel Agency, Destination Management, Ticketing Company, Tourist Information Service, and so on if you have entrepreneurial skills. In India, the average annual salary for such professionals ranges between INR 3.5 and 7 lakhs. Students can place their skills into practice and thrive in their fields. People enjoy travelling, so tourism and travel will always have a demand. Students who have a significant grasp of the field can pursue careers as an entrepreneur, travel agents, tour operators, ticketing staff, tourism consultants and promoters and so on.


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