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HR Analytics For Human Resource Management

Course Overview

With technological advancements and cloud computing,  a plethora of datasets are currently available to guide decision-making and steer organisational performance. Strong analytical competencies are essential for capturing the right sources of evidence and information, and high-performing HR teams perceive that their role is to use data as a “management science” by discovering metrics and information sources that provide organisational insights. HR should do this by ensuring that metrics and standards are used judiciously to accomplish strategic objectives. Six Sigma offers a four-month Analytics course that focuses on identifying effective data sources, materialising meaningful metrics, scheduling long-term measures, and applying results to organisational strategy and tactics. Any 12th graduate with a 50% aggregate can enrol in this professionally rewarding course.

Why choose HR Analytics?

HR analytics entails collecting, analysing, and reporting on HR data. It enables your organisation to evaluate the effects of various HR statistics on the company’s overall performance and make data-driven decisions. HR analytics, in other words, is a data-driven strategy for managing human resources.

As you might presume, HR data analytics has immense value for a company. Indeed, analytics enables businesses to assess the economic impact of people’s regulations.

HR can forecast the workforce’s prospects by using complex statistical calculations. Managers can now calculate the monetary implications of Human Resource practises.

Analytics has reformed marketing and is now on its path to revolutionising HR. It allows HR to:

Career Prospects

There is a high demand in the industry for HR Analysts who can use data scientist skills while maintaining a human element. People with passion and expertise in this field are in high demand in this profession.

This course will provide you with the academic knowledge and professional skills required for a career in global human resource management, as well as the opportunity to specialise in the rapidly growing field of HR analytics. You will gain strong analytical and problem-solving abilities, as well as become a reflective HR professional.

After completing an Analytics course in HR management, candidates can find numerous career prospects like Employee Relations Manager, HR Manager, HR Executive, Personnel Manager, and Quality Control Manager; the jobs that thrive with greater Analytical skills.


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