MBA In HR Management

MBA In HR Management

Course Overview

An MBA in Human Resource Management is a two-year post-graduate course. It is accessible to individuals with a Bachelor’s degree in any domain. MBA in Human Resources is ideal for individuals with strong communication skills and the calibre to foresee the future of a company. It concentrates on recruiting the best candidates for the job, managing them, and executing and guiding the workforce. An MBA in HR course offers knowledge and expertise in managing the workforce of an organisation.

The MHRM programme provides with the techniques needed to tackle the difficulties of an ever-changing corporate environment. It is intended to strengthen the skills of professionals and those interested in a career in human resource management. Advanced education is provided in organisational behaviour and dynamics, staffing, supervision, mentoring programs, compensation, incentives, career development, health and safety, and labour relations. Legal and regulatory obligations in these sectors necessitate a stable platform in employment law on which MHRM concentrates.

The salary for a fresher in a full-time job after completing MHRM ranges from INR 4,00,000 to 5,00,000. 

Why pursue a Master's in Human Resource Management?

The MHRM program is a highly on-demand stream as this course offers great value to career prospects which are discussed below:

Scope of MBA in HR

An MBA in HR course offers skills and understanding in managing an organisation’s workforce. Employment law, talent and diversity management, and other general fields of study are discussed in the context. The HR department equips an organisation with the tools, training, administrative services, talent management, legal advice, and management advice required for its successful operations. The HR department is now principally accountable for more than just hiring and training new personnel or managing compensation and employee relations. Jobs in the HR function now include strategic decision-making and dealing with special situations such as mergers or layoffs. The HR Department is in charge of shaping the culture and ensuring a shared vision, mission, and values with all employees of the organisation. In short, every renowned organisation produces a need for an efficient HR in the team.

Career Prospects

An MBA degree in Human Resource Management qualifies an individual for the following designations in an organization:


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