Professional Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management


Course Overview

For large corporations in industry sectors such as e-commerce, FMCG, manufacturing, retail, and others, impactful supply chain and logistics management has become vital. Proficient and well-educated experts are therefore in high demand in emerging sectors like e-commerce, healthcare, hospitality, aviation, and shipping. A Professional Diploma in Logistics Operations & Supply Chain Management course is designed to integrate aspiring professionals with the imperative management skills and business acumen required to meet the impediments in logistics and supply chain industries.

Six Sigma offers a one-year professional diploma in supply chain management that devises and creates managers and executives capable of enacting sustainable supply chain management strategies for a variety of industries. A Higher Secondary qualification is the mandatory threshold for applying to this course.

A Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management is a skill-based scheme that provides students with key insights to thrive in the industry. The course explores the theoretical and practical perception of the industry’s various aspects and methodologies. This diploma enables you to organise projects while keeping asset utilization and industry standards in mind. Students acquire knowledge and relevant details about Purchase or Sourcing, Vendor Advancement, Performance Monitoring, Warehousing, Inventory Tracking, Network Planning, and System and Technology Implementation.

The core modules of this curriculum are aimed at instilling the candidate management skills necessary to address the difficulties of the logistics and supply chain industry. Supply chain diploma holders have numerous career options because nearly every industry requires efficient supply chain professionals who can oversee production and delivery. A beginner’s annual salary is expected to be around INR 4.5 lacs, with the potential for a hike based on productivity.

The Course's Relevance

One of the most impactful components of corporate competition is supply chain management. A professional diploma in supply chain management imparts the enlightenment and skills to progress in advanced management positions.

Theory and Practice, Logistic Strategy,  Organizational Behaviour, Corporate Social Responsibility, Information Systems for Managers, Business Communication, Business Law, Logistics and Warehousing, Logistics and Transport, Logistics and Financial Management, Business Strategy and Marketing Logistics, Inventory/Production Planning, Procurement and Transport, Custom Procedures, Outsourcing Logistics, Freight Forwarding & Port Operations and Integrated Logistics and Human Resource Management are among the management course subjects covered in the curriculum.


The purpose of this course is to provide effective knowledge of supply chain management concepts, practical applications, and operational domains such as on-time delivery, efficient resource management, and process optimization.

The course will teach you how to improve quality control, promote awareness, and regulate various supply chain links to deliver value-added services. Data analysis and communication among suppliers, producers, and sellers can help to reduce the likelihood of your supply being interrupted. The investigation of enhanced quality control and asset management in this curriculum contributes to lower overheads and enhanced revenue. The risk mitigation subject will teach you how to anticipate new challenges and cut unproductive risk mitigation costs.

Future Scope and Career Prospects

The following are some of the job opportunities available to candidates who complete the Diploma in Supply Chain and Logistics Management:


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