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According to recent surveys, Hospital and Healthcare Management is among the top professions. As healthcare management becomes increasingly challenging, there is a greater need for not only good doctors but also skillful and efficient Hospital Administrators. With increasing emphasis on health care across the world, there is a very great important need for persons with a qualification in Hospital Administration.

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The hospital management sector has not been explored in India completely. In India, there will be a requirement of more than 10 lakhs healthcare management professionals by 2023. Therefore, those who have pursued a specialization  in hospital management will face a huge demand from healthcare centres and hopsitals. They will looking to recruit healthcare managers. The students are taught to face ethical, political, social, economic and legal challenges which form a part of hospital management. The Indian healthcare industry is worth 160 billion US dollars.

Job Duties and Responsibilities of Hospital Administrators

The main resposibility of Hospital Administrator is to coordinate all departments of a healthcare facility for smooth functioning. Their skills are required to organize, plan, administer, and monitor the outcomes of medical and health services. The duties of Hospital Administrator most often include:

  • Being liaisons among governing boards, medical staff, and department heads
  • Recruiting, hiring,  evaluating nurses and  assistant administrators
  • Following the work and duties set by the hospital board for organizing, controlling, directing, and coordinating services.
  • Overseeing and forecasting the implementation, creation of programs, policies for patient services, quality assurance and departmental activities


Career in Hospital administration is a wise decision owing to the growth of healthcare sector. Indian economy is earning both revenue employment in leaps and bounds from this sectors

One of the prime roles of the Hospital Administrator is to enable the doctors, nurses and patient-care team to do their job efficiently. He “enables”, “sees” to and “ensures”. All this is part of his enabling job, but not the whole of it.

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